Privacy Statement

Privacy declaration 

1. General 

1.1 General information 

Stichting HealthConnect (hereafter "HealthConnect"), an initiative of StichtingPharmAccess International, thinks the protection of personal data of participants and visitors is essential for its activities. Personal data from donors and visitors are handled and secured with the utmost care. HealthConnect always adheres to the requirements of the privacy legislation in force in the Netherlands. 

1.2 Contact details 

If you have any further questions regarding this Privacy Statement, you can contact HealthConnect via:

  • E-mail address: 
  • Address: Paasheuvelweg 25, 1105 BP, Amsterdam 

2. Legal basis 

The use of your personal data will only take place with your permission or if this is necessary for entering into or performing the agreement between you and HealthConnect. 

3. Personal data

3.1 Purpose of data processing 

HealthConnect records data when you use HealthConnect services and / or products. HealthConnect will only use this information for the purpose of entering into donations, the settlement of the donation, the execution of actions, the linking to beneficiaries, the acceptance and settlement of other beneficiaries, the carrying out of marketing activities and the sending of its newsletter, as well as to be able to comply to legal obligations. For the financial settlement of the donation, HealthConnect will make personal data available to the financial services provider Buckaroo BV 

3.2 Collected data 

If you make a donation to HealthConnect, the following data will be collected:

a. First and surname

b. E-mail address 

c.Payment details 

d. IP address 

4. Storage period 

HealthConnect does not store your data longer than necessary. After the end of your support, the data relating to your donation will be retained for a maximum of two years unless you want to continue receiving our newsletter: in that case, HealthConnect will store your mail and IP address for two years after termination of your subscription, or for as long as on land the law is required. 

5. Data security 

HealthConnect takes the protection of your personal data very seriously and takes adequate technical and organizational measures for the security of the collected data. HealthConnect has taken sufficient measures to prevent unauthorized physical or digital access. 

6. Provision to third parties 

HealthConnect will only provide your data to a third party if this is necessary for the execution of the agreement with you or to comply with a statutory obligation. HealthConnect will never provide your data to the final recipient of the donation. 

7. Cookies 

HealthConnect collects necessary, analytical, functional and tracking cookies. Necessary cookies are cookies that allow users to view the website and use the functions on the website, such as forms. In addition, analytical cookies are used to gain insight into the use and performance of the website. Functional cookies are cookies with which the website can record the choices and preferences of visitors. In addition, it is possible to share certain content with friends and acquaintances (social functions), give feedback on the website and take part in market research. Tracking cookies are cookies with which HealthConnect can personalize advertisements by means of retargeting. With this HealthConnect shows relevant content and / or advertisements inside and outside the website. In addition, HealthConnect follows website visitors and establishes preferences so that HealthConnect is better able to make a relevant offer on the website and in online ads. Cookies that we post come from these parties: Google Adwords, GoogleDisplay Network, Google Analytics, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, MailChimp and Hotjar. 

8. Rights 

HealthConnect will gladly inform you about your rights regarding personal data: 

8.1 Right to inspect, rectify and erase data 

If you wish to make use of the right to inspect your collected personal data, the right to rectification or the right to delete data, please contact:

8.2 Right of objection 

You can object to the collection of your data at any time. Address your objection to: 

8.3 Right to transfer 

If you wish to make use of the right to transfer your personal data to yourself or to another party, please contact:

8.4 Right to limit processing

In some cases, including when you object to processing or request rectification of the personal data processed by us, you can ask us at to limit the processing. HealthConnect will then temporarily or indefinitely no longer make use of the data but will keep them safe. 

8.5 Right to complain to the Authority for Personal Data 

If the abovementioned possibilities are not considered sufficient, you will retain the right to file a complaint with the authorized local data protection authority for the rollout in the UK, US and Sweden.For more information, HealthConnect would like to refer you to the Authority Personal Data. 

9. Changes to Privacy Statement 

This Privacy Statement applies as of October 5, 2017. It was approved in anticipation of GDPR and the relevant provisions are included. HealthConnect reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Statement without prior notice. The most recent version of this Privacy Statement will always be published on this website.