Our Vision

Everyone deserves good health care. Anywhere in the world, regardless of income.

Unfortunately, it still happens too often that doctors’ visits are post- poned - with all the consequences of that - just because of headaches about the bill. Health insurance is unaffordable for many, but of great importance for a healthy, economically independent future for the whole family. How nice would it be if you can help someone very personally by paying (part of) the premium? Not an anonymous donation either, but a one-to-one donation, from person to person.

From now on this is possible. Simply on a mobile phone. Thanks to the HealthConnect technology the full 100% ends up with activating health care for someone who desperately needs it. We start in Kenya. A relatively modern African country, where almost everyone has a mobile phone. Paying and saving with phones is very common there, but health insurance is still unavailable for a large group of women and children living in poverty. Will you help them towards a healthy future?

Yes, I want to donate!

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The team


Our team is made up of engaged and energetic specialists in the fields of healthcare, entrepreneurship and digital platforms. HealthConnect is supported by the PharmAccess Foundation, with over 15  years experience in improving healthcare in Africa. For questions: check the FAQ or contact us.

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