The future starts with health

You can now directly insure a Kenyan family with better health care. As a result they no longer have to postpone a doctor’s visit due to lack of money and can continue to build their future, as healthy as possible.

Thanks to our individual supporters, in the last months:



families now have access to better care.

And for these families, this has enabled them to get treated for:


safe deliveries of babies


acute lung problems


ulcer infections


With €30 you already pay six-month health insurance premium for a mother, father and kids.

Thanks to your support, they are immediately ensured of good basic care, such as safe deliveries, acute lung problems and good medication. In addition, the most common conditions are covered.

How much does your donation contribute to good healthcare:

€ 10,- 2 Months
€ 30,- 6 Months
€ 60,- 1 Full Year

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How does it work and how much of my donation actually ends up with the families in Kenya?

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