Loice shows us how better healthcare provides opportunity for the whole community

In Kenya, it's often the mothers who work to support their family. By insuring them of better health care through their mobile phones, the chances increase that they can keep working. Now, in case of illness or an accident, they can visit a doctor in time and quickly get back to work.

All these working women in turn offer opportunities for other entrepreneurial women from the community. We see a good example in Githogoro, a slum in Nairobi that is bustling with the many activities in the mother-run kiosks and shops. This trade puts bread on the table, but often does not provide enough to let the children go to school during working hours. This gave Loice Muthoni an idea.

Together with other women from the community she set up a daycare center, where mothers can safely leave their children for a small fee. They distribute the income fairly amongst themselves. And the little ones have the time of their lives while their mothers are building a healthy future!

In the video below, Loice shows how they sing, dance and play and learn basic skills such as reading and writing. Loice herself can not believe her luck: she can do what makes her happy and she helps the working parents in her community.