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Everybody wants the future to be better, happier and healthier. And with new technology, making a personal contribution towards sustainable health is easier than ever. Starting from € 10 you immediately support a mother and her children.

100% direct. 100% transparent.

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We believe in a new way of giving: direct, personal and transparent.

Thanks to the innovative HealthConnect technology, we can now skip unnecesarry intermediate steps. No more anonymous donations, but direct one-to-one help to women and children who really need it.

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Thanks to the HealthConnect technology you can see exactly which mother receives insure for her family. Your entire donation directly activates her mobile healthcare wallet that she can only use for medical costs. 

100% transparent. 100% effective. 

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The impact of your donation

Access to healthcare is a key priority in any thorough approach to sustainability. By insuring a Kenyan mother with her family of good basic care, such as safe deliveries and proper medication for common disorders, she no longer has to postpone doctor’s visits due to lack of money. This allows her to quickly return to work and continue to build a future as healthy as possible.

Through earlier campaigns, HealthConnect has already insured:


families for better health care

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